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    Kumaka Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set with Lid and Spoons, 12-Piece, Red

    • Heavy gauge 2.60 mm thickness.Loaded with everyday essentials, the collection includes fry pans, sauce pans, and casserole pans.
    • The cookware set features a nonstick coating, which allows for lower-fat cooking options–no need for excess butter or oil.
    • Even more, the nonstick coating helps prevent cooked food from adhering to the pan; instead, food effortlessly transfers to a platter or dinner plate for gracious serving.
    • The handles are designed to stay cool during use, while also promoting a firm, comfortable hold.
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    Product description

    An all-inclusive cookware set including a wide range of day-to-day utensils, the 12 piece cookware set can come in handy for all types of dishes and recipes you make. Cooking set takes into consideration the Indian kitchen usage and requirements. All the pans, kadhai, tawa, included in this kit feature a handle each for added comfort and convenience. These ergonomic handles remain comfortably cool, while the vessel is on the stove. Made of 2.6mm thickness aluminium, the items in this non stick cookware set have three-layered non stick coating. This coating makes the cookware set strong and durable. Try out all your favourite recipes or discover some new ones as this 12 piece non stick cookware can be utilized for any kind of dish. With this cookware set featuring fry pan, kadhai, dosa tawa, lids indulge in healthy food habits by making dishes using less or no oil and butter.

    3-Layer Non-Stick Coating, PFOA Free

    Non-Stick Coating is applied after proper chemical cleaning and sand-blasting of the surface so that the non-stick holds the surface of the metal properly. The quality of this coating is top-grade, free from harmful chemicals like PFOA or any heavy metals. This coating is applied evenly, to sufficient thickness so that even with rough and constant use, the metal surface is not exposed. Coating applied via this robotic spraying is much better than the one tuck to the pan by a roller, and lasts longer.

    Specially Bakelite Handles for Ergonomic Ease

    Making cooking stylish and convenient, Kumaka cookware Set comes with Bakelite handles with anti-slip mechanism. Riveted Handle made of Bakelite KUMAKA cookware set are equipped with an ergonomically designed Bakelite handle that does not heat up during cooking. The cool touch sturdy handle helps you lift the hot tawa without the use of mittens or a cloth. The handle is angled upwards and away from the flame for added safety, comfort and easy-handling. For increased durability, the tawa uses a permanently riveted handle that doesn’t use any screws.

    Pure Grade Aluminium for Faster Cooking

    The metal used is virgin, without any impurities, which would otherwise create gases that bubble up to the surface, puncturing it and creating minute holes that then expand to create fissures and cracks in the coating.

    Kumaka Non-Stick Coated Aluminium -The most Admired set of Indian Kitchens, KUMAKA Non-stick Cookware are crafted from pure grade aluminium. They offer a perfect combination of quality, looks and great price for you to indulge in the art of cooking the traditional way. A forged pan is made by forming a sheet of metal into the desired shape. Thus, the metal has continuity and can be thinner and lighter while still retaining its strength.

    Heat-Resistant and Transparent Glass Lid/SS Lid

    Stainless steel are pf premium quality which Cover And Protect Food From Insects Or Dirt With The Help Of This Lid. Boasting Of Stainless Steel Construction, This Lid Can Be Used For Long. Being Freezer-Safe, This Lid Can Be Used For Covering Food While Storing In A Refrigerator. We have made it more easier for handle the lids, by putting nobs for safety.


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